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Detroit Motor City Casino Hotel – A Great Vacation

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detroit motor city casino hotel

Detroit Motor City Casino Hotel – A Great Vacation

For the avid sports fan who is visiting Detroit Motor City Casino Hotel, you are almost certainly going to enjoy a great vacation. If you’re in the area, you should check out the resort’s three locations; the main hotel located in Northville, the hotel in Detroit’s Eastern Market District, and the casino resort located in nearby Sterling Heights. In addition to their gaming facilities, they also offer events, dining, and shopping opportunities for you and your family. The resorts also offer activities for the kids, so if you have kids, or perhaps grandparents or friends with children, they are well worth the trip to Northville, Eastern Market, or Sterling Heights.

No matter where you decide to stay in Detroit, there is always something to do for the family. If you’d like to try out their ice skating facility, the Detroit Riverwalk, or simply be the first person in your family to go snowboarding, they’ve got it all. As with all of their locations, they also have a variety of lodging options that allow you to choose from one-bedrooms, two-bedrooms, and full- and half-day rental options.

While you’re in the area, whether it’s a trip to the Detroit Motor City Casino Hotel, or anywhere else in the greater metro Detroit area, don’t forget about what’s happening downtown. The Chrysler Museum and Art Center are also located within a short walk from the hotel and is open daily for everyone to see. This is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your kids, learning about their history, the evolution of the world’s first production car, and all that.

The Detroit Motor City Casino Hotel can easily be reached by public transportation, if you’re traveling by car. The Northville and Eastern Market downtown transit systems also run through Detroit, which is the nearest system to the hotel. All three transit routes go through Northville and are just a short distance from the hotel. If you plan on driving, the restaurants and shopping locations in the area are also convenient.

When you’re planning a trip to Detroit, you will no doubt want to take advantage of the many opportunities to spend time in one of the hotels or resorts located within walking distance of the casino. You may choose to book a room rental through their hotel reservation services or maybe have dinner and shopping at the mall, which is less than five minutes away. When the shopping center is open, you will be able to get your hands on some of the hottest trends for men’s and women’s apparel. Other things to do include checking out some of the local restaurants, or just staying in one of the rooms and spending the night.

When you’re planning a Detroit vacation, you’re not just visiting. You’re spending time. Whether you are going to Detroit for the golf tournament, the sporting event, or the Tigers or Red Wings baseball team, you’ll find that Detroit offers a wide variety of things to do.

For that reason, you might consider a trip to Detroit Motor City Casino Hotel in Northville, or any of the other locations located around the city. You’re sure to be glad you did.

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