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Hotels Near the Motor City Casino Detroit

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hotels near motor city casino detroit

Hotels Near the Motor City Casino Detroit

Detroit has long been a hot bed for entertainment and sporting events but it is only now that the Motor City is starting to take off as an affordable option for accommodations. Hotels in the Motor City are starting to attract new tourists who are willing to find a bargain deal and one of the best places to look is at the resorts surrounding the Motor City Casino.

The first hotels in the Motor City are a couple of miles from the Motor City Casino and are still on Main Street and are relatively new. There are plenty of discount motels, bed and breakfast inns and even some luxurious five star hotels right on the street itself. These are still being constructed, but they will be ready within the next year or so. Some of these hotels have been built by Detroit’s Chrysler Corporation.

One of the most popular and up-and-coming of these hotels is the Delphi Hotel. It sits at the heart of downtown and is right off of Cass Avenue. This hotel is located across the street from the Delphi Theater which is a great place for entertainment and also offers some fine dining for those looking for fine dining.

This is a great area for anyone visiting the Motor City and is just a short distance from the Delphi Theater. There are several nice restaurants and bars to choose from. This is a great area for entertainment for all age groups and is also close to other major attractions including the Detroit Institute of Arts and Wayne State University. This hotel is located in the heart of downtown.

The Delphi is located across the street from the Delphi Theater and the Grand Circus Theatre. This hotel is not a full five star hotel, but it is a fairly good choice for anyone looking for a good room with all the amenities they need. The hotel offers many things to do in and around the area including museums, galleries, a museum that shows the history of the city and many other attractions.

The best time to visit this city is from mid to late October because there is a lot of rain during that time of year in Michigan. The weather during this time is pleasant with the exception of the rain that does occur. The hotel rates also decrease slightly during this time of the year. When you decide to come to the Motor City, make sure to book your hotel in advance because the prices will increase for rooms during this time.

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