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Things to Know Before Booking a Hotel Room at the Detroit Motor City Casino Hotel

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detroit motor city casino hotel

Things to Know Before Booking a Hotel Room at the Detroit Motor City Casino Hotel

If you are planning a trip to Detroit, Michigan, then you have got to stop by the Detroit Motor City Casino Hotel. Located in Corktown, this luxurious hotel is known for its comfortable rooms, excellent cuisine and fabulous food and beverage selections. Other than the hotel, the surrounding attractions are also worth checking out. Here are some things you need to know before visiting this great destination.

In the north part of the city, you will find the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. It contains many artifacts and memorabilia from the band and other performers who made a mark on music history. There is also a 3D video game arcade inside the museum. The downtown area is called “The Big Apple” by locals. Downtown is home to several restaurants, bars and shopping. You can take a taxi to the airport.

You will find two golf courses in Detroit. They are on Belle Isle. You can also take a boat ride on Lake St Clair. Some other attractions include D. Wayne State University, Wayne State University football stadium, the Griswold Theater, various museums and art galleries. There are also lots of restaurants, bars and retail shops that offer some great prices.

For your convenience, hotels in Detroit are available within walking distance from the casino. For example, the Detroit Marriott by Hilton offers thirty-one guest rooms, a conference center and meeting rooms. You can find the Renaissance Detroit downtown offers five star comfort with fully equipped suites.

Before booking a reservation at the Detroit Motor City Casino Hotel, you should find out about the room rates and how much you would be charged for meals. Before arriving, you will want to check out the nearby amenities. For example, the indoor swimming pool is great for refreshing swim after a long day of sightseeing. Other places to visit include the Detroit Zoo, Henry Ford Hospital, Jewish Historical Museum, Little Caesars Arena, Fox Theatre, Steel City Shops, Packard Plant, Capitol Mall, Congress Plaza, Edgemont Village, Woodbridge Historic District, Monroe Avenue Art Park, Southfield Common, and RiverWalk Park.

You can visit the Henry Ford Museum if you have kids who are interested in the history of Henry Ford. It features an automobile graveyard, where you can visit the car graveyard that contains the Fords’ automobiles. If you have a passion for music, you can also visit The Gateway to Music where you can see live performances from local musicians. There is also plenty of outdoor activities in the downtown area, including the “Skate Zones”, “Parades”, “Festivals”, and “Live Entertainment”.

Travelers to the city also have access to a bus service called “Detroit MetroLink” that is designed to get them to various points of interest in the city, and it connects the downtown to various points throughout the city. There are also several airlines that have flights to Detroit.

The Detroit Motor City Casino Hotel offers wonderful lodging options. It’s hard to go wrong with a stay at the Detroit Marriott by Hilton.

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